Empowering healthcare leaders,
strengthening resilience

Transforming elderly care through leadership and innovation

A Toolbox for leaders to build a better Elderly Care System

We will go beyond current state of the art by developing, implementing, and evaluating a research-based digital Support4Resiience Toolbox to support healthcare leaders in promoting resilient performance and mental wellbeing.

Frontline leaders

Discover how to build staff resilience and well-being.

Health workforce

Learn how we work to improve your mental health.

Informal caregivers

Ready to be happier and resilient?

Policiy makers

Explore actionable and cost-effective policy recommendations for a healthier future.

A project funded by Horizon Europe

This project is funded by the European Union under the programme Horizon Europe in the call HORIZON-HLTH-2023-CARE.

Support4resilience contributes to the priority creating a more resilient, inclusive and democratic European society.



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Support4Resilience Toolbox


Mapping and Identification Tool that will provide leaders with a holistic awareness of the current status of the organization through integrating healthcare workers’ and informal caregivers’ perspectives.


Reflection and Education Tool will provide contextual and understanding of ‘work-as-done’ and educational components to identify successful adaptations and solutions to reduce capacity-demand gaps.


Re-organization Tool, will be designed to help reframing by identifying which practices to preserve, which to implement, and which to de-implement, resulting in detailed action plans.

An European Approach to Elder Care Solutions

This project tackles Europe’s varied elder care needs. We’re studying six countries with contrasting systems to understand their unique challenges and strengths. This deep dive will lead to evidence-based solutions and recommendations that can be effectively implemented across the entire European Union.

Intermediate development of theoretical frameworks, policy implications and implementation recommendations.
Open Access web platform including S4R Toolbox, theory, policy implications and implementation recommendations.